New Bloom’s Bounty

The second batch of community-created hero sets for New Bloom has arrived on the Dota 2 Store. Be sure to check out the new Treasure of the Spring Blossom, as well as last week’s Treasure of the Ram’s Renewal, and get your hands on all the new gear.

If you don’t see your favorite New Bloom set in either treasure, don’t fret. The community created so many exceptional designs this year that there was no way we could get them all out in time for New Bloom’s end. We’ll be releasing many more sets submitted for New Bloom with future treasures.

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Devblog 49

Sleeping Bag Charity Simulator Assign to Friend Something we’ve been thinking about for a long time. We’ve talked ourselves out of it and talked ourselves back into it. Our primary problem with this solution was that we didn’t like that people would be killing themselves to spawn near a friend. Which probably seems like a… Continue reading

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Community Update 29

Kaboom? Welcome When it comes to iterative game development, a ‘paint-over’ is a powerful tool that allows artists to take what the game already has and add nuance and detail. The concept artist will take a scene from the game, dip their pen in special pixel ink, and turn it into a target for the… Continue reading

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Devblog 48

Thursday Dev Blogs & Updates Remember how we used to release patches on a Friday and then changed to Monday. Well, we’re changing it to Thursdays, alongside the devblog. The problem with Friday updates is that we lose our weekends because we’re fixing bugs.. and in turn that ruins your weekends of playing Rust because… Continue reading

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Community Update 28

Get lost. Welcome I thought I’d highlight a build at the top of the post. Partly because there’s another Frank Walls piece of art in the body of the post, partly because it’s a beautiful and precise piece of architecture, and partly because the builder identifies herself as ‘catwoman’. This is more than the typical… Continue reading

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Patch Update

We’ve just released an update. Some additional changes have been added since the Friday Devblog. Removed 3rd person (except for server admins) Added speaker options Added sleeping bag window scrolling Doubled meat burning times Changed bow/arrow fire speed Changed bow ironsight mode to not be ironsight You can read about the other changes on the… Continue reading

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Devblog 47

Roads and Reloads Roads Andre got roads in! Roads connect landmarks and rad towns. You can walk on them. This is still in the programmer-art stage, but since it’s got to work in millions of different procedurally generated maps we thought it was best to get it in and find any problems as soon as… Continue reading

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Community Update 27

A bridge to Rustwhere. Welcome Once again, Frank Walls on the Facepunch forum has crafted a lovely bit of art that I’m stealing for the header. It’s more than fan art: in this case it’s a concept for a bridge leading to (or away from) Rust islands. This is pretty good piece of concept art:… Continue reading

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Devblog 46

Raiding, Shotgun and Explosive Charges Sprint Cycle Changes We’re making changes this week. We’re no longer going to release updates on a Friday, because it’s stupid. We’re going to be pushing our update out on Mondays. The devblog will stay on Fridays. The aim is to have it all ready by Friday on the dev… Continue reading
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