Devblog 88

We’re working on improving the official servers, making underwater more interesting, the new dungeons and tunnels, and more. Also, our clouds now look pillowy as hell. Garry I’m back after a couple of weeks dealing with other stuff. I kind of enjoy taking some time away. I like seeing how the team handles shit without… Continue reading

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Community Update 67

Come see the dead city of Titan. Also, Vertiigo hits 100k subs, there’s some excellent machinima, and a look into the base voted most likely to be raided. Welcome … to Titan. The top image is–once again–from the Rust Factions server. It’s part of a gallery of the city of Titan. I had a plan… Continue reading

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The Frankfurt Major Champions

Congratulations to OG for winning the first Dota 2 Major Championship. They came from the Regional Qualifiers, and went through a seemingly impossible road starting in the Lower Bracket and going through all the way to the Grand Finals. On their way to victory they took down Fnatic, Mineski, Virtus Pro, CDEC Gaming, EHOME and Evil Geniuses. In the Grand Finals they faced off against Team Secret and took the series 3-1.

Following the success of the Dota 2 Asia Championships (DAC) last year, Perfect World will be hosting The Shanghai Major which will take place at the Mercedes Benz Arena from March 2-6, 2016. We’ll be announcing more details such as ticketing information as the event approaches. All roster changes will be locked on December 8th for teams looking forward to participating in the Major.

In other Dota news, we are putting the finishing touches on the Desert Map and the underlying technology, and we’re hoping to have it ready around the middle of December when our next update will be released.

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The Frankfurt Major Grand Finals

After five days of amazing play only three teams remain. Team Secret secured their place in the Grand Finals by winning an intense back-and-forth series against Evil Geniuses. EG now finds themselves in the Lower Bracket Finals facing OG, a team that has had an impressive run fighting their way through the Lower Bracket. The winner will move on to battle Team Secret in the best-of-five Grand Finals showdown, with the champions taking home over one million dollars. The broadcast begins at 10:30am CET, watch it live to see who will be the first team ever to have their name engraved on the Eaglesong trophy.

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Devblog 87

Check out that new gun! The M249 is in. Along with major changes to the pumpjack (it’s gone for now), some rifle nerfs, blueprint tweaks, building stability changes, and more. Maurino M249 Changes To clear up any confusion from last week’s devblog, the M249 is not user craftable. I made sure of that this week.… Continue reading

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The Last Castle

He’s big. He’s red. He’s got an Axe. Also his name’s Axe. His hobbies? Most of them involve axes and the act of axing things with an axe. Plus he’s now in his very own sixty-page comic. Is an axe involved somehow? Will Axe use it? Is Luke Skywalker a villain now? Is that why he’s not in the trailers? Get the answers to all but those last two questions in The Last Castle Axe Comic. Along with the comic, all owners of The International 2015 Compendium will receive the Axe Immortal item today with the added bonus of a Soaring Cache treasure.

Also be sure to check out some of the Dota community’s Dota-inspired Saxxy contest shorts, Together We Stand and A Game of Roles.

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Community Update 66

A community concept for an alarm, a hugely successful charity event, a Rust-inspired gun, Darth Vader revisits Rust, and more. Welcome Top of the page is CurryMaster’s concept for an alarm system. Traffic Light Alarm Scene by dutchallians on Sketchfab I’m not quite sure how it’d work? Perhaps if you have multiple bases that you… Continue reading

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The Frankfurt Major Playoffs Day One

The first day of the playoffs is in the books at Frankfurt and only twelve teams remain after Cloud9, Fnatic, Newbee and Newbee.Young have been eliminated. You can see where the rest of the bracket currently stands here. The action resumes tomorrow at 10:30am CET.

In the meantime, check out this piece about the reigning TI5 champions, Evil Geniuses.

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The Frankfurt Major Group Stage

The first Dota Major Championship is nearly upon us. The battle begins as sixteen of the world’s best teams enter the Group Stage. You can follow all the action live in the Dota 2 client by visiting the new ‘Featured Tournament’ section. Check out real-time brackets as well as links to watch any matches you may have missed. Coverage is scheduled to begin around 10:00am CET (here’s a helpful time zone converter).

Our film team has put together a few short features for the event. The first follows CDEC’s stunning run from Wild Card underdog to championship contender at The International while capturing the thoughts of some of the biggest names in the game as they prepare for the Frankfurt Major. In addition, we’ve just added all the player profile videos from TI5 to Steam.

Add this free app to get updated videos in the future directly onto your Steam account.

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